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This is a website for women, by women. It's not only a place for community and sisterhood, but also a platform where we get to write our own stories, offer new narratives and flip the script. We're getting honest. We're getting raw. We're going to pull the curtain back on taboo topics, unchartered territory and hopefully bridge the gap on all our "differences", that in truth, are what connect us all at the deepest level.


We want women to not only better understand themselves, but also better understand one another. More than anything, we want to offer this website as a place to educate, empower and evolve as women, together, as sisters. We want women to step into their divine feminine power and own it! 


Click HERE for the story of how Ebb+Flow came to be.

What  ebb + flow  offers :

  • Online community that provides a supportive atmosphere for all women

  • Celebrates our similarities + connection instead of getting distracted by our differences

  • Online resource for education to empower women + encourage them to evolve:

    • women’s physical health from the perspective of a pelvic health physiotherapist

    • women’s emotional + spiritual health from the perspective of a spiritual psychotherapist

    • collaboration between the two to provide holistic care for your mind+body+spirit

  • Facebook Group Mindful Mama’s Club: an online community for all mothers working to care for themselves + their baby the best that they can

  • Speciality online shop for unique + meaningful gifts

  • Online courses + seminars for self care, yoga, women’s health education + prenatal/postpartum information

Forever in the Ebb+Flow of life,

Co-Founder Maddi Rundle

Spiritual Psychotherapist

Co-Founder Robyn Synnott

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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