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If you want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans.

The story of how Ebb+Flow came to be. Written by our Co-Founders, Maddi + Robyn.

We present to you, Ebb + Flow.

This is a website for women, by women. It's not only a place for community and sisterhood, but also a platform where we get to write our own stories, offer new narratives and flip the script. We're getting honest. We're getting raw. We're going to pull the curtain back on taboo topics, unchartered territory and hopefully bridge the gap on all our "differences", that in truth, are what connect us all at the deepest level.

We want women to not only better understand themselves, but also better understand one another. More than anything, we want to offer this website as a place to educate, empower and evolve as women, together, as sisters. We want women to step into their divine feminine power and own it!

We want women to write their own scripts.

Fate, as it would seem, brought Maddi and Robyn together, almost two years ago when they found themselves sharing office space.

Robyn, a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, and Maddi, a Spiritual Psychotherapist had both been quietly looking for a business partnership over the last few years. If you asked, neither of them could tell you what the business would be.

They shared similar values in way they lived and worked, and soon found out they shared similar spiritual beliefs as well. Both are fiercely independent and what some would call "lone wolves", so it seems wild they would jump into a business endeavour, hardly knowing one another and unsure of what the business would even be.

Sometimes gut feelings are just that strong. Intuition.

Maddi and Robyn shared a similar client base, along with a myriad of other things; both had recently made significant changes in their careers to work in women’s health, both certified yoga instructors, and they even have partners who share the same name (crazy, right!?). They would soon find out how much more they had in common on a much deeper level.

They both had plans that weren't unfolding just the way they had, well, planned.

You see, there are these unwritten rules; "scripts", if you will, that women are meant to follow; perhaps not explicitly, yet still deeply imbued in women's psyches. For most, the unconscious script goes a little something like this: find partner, get married, have children. Raise said children while balancing a life, a career, and a marriage. And please,

do so with a smile, without raising questions, without complaint, and in a timely manner.

These silent expectations pervade women on a cellular level, and when we don't fit the script, we are made to feel different and separate, like there is no longer a place for us. It's all covert. No one talks about it.

The "script" tells us more. It unconsciously informs us of what is and isn't "acceptable", both in our actions and feelings. It affects us all in different ways.

Some follow suit and this is their truth. Some follow suit and this is not their truth. Some cope with the unwritten rules by making it a marked decision on their part if they veer from the traditional script. Autonomy. Control. Other women are so vehemently against the script that they do everything in their power to act it out differently, whether or not that's what they actually want. Rebellion. Control.

As so many women do, both Maddi and Robyn were silently struggling with quite personal issues. Maddi was coming to terms with entering motherhood before she had planned, while at a major crossroads in her life (both personally and professionally) and Robyn was struggling with fertility challenges and managing self-employment in a new career direction.

Although coming from opposite ends of the spectrum, the two shared deep seeded feelings of shame, loneliness, fear, and betrayal presented through very different experiences.

They were struggling with shame - shame that they were unexpectedly veering from the 'script’ or the unwritten rules for women. Fear for what the future held. Anger that there were these unwritten rules that made them feel isolated and alone, even unacceptable for not following the 'script', whether that's even what they wanted or not. Upset that life wasn't unfolding just how they had planned, regardless of scripts.

When they finally shared their inner experiences, they saw themselves in one another. They saw the shame, the fear, the anger and the betrayal. They saw their pain and frustration in each other.

Through their shared emotions, they began to see the Universality of it all. Their seemingly very different experiences in the realm of womanhood offered a deeper connection than either could have imagined.

No matter where you are in the realm of the unwritten rules for women, they exist for all of us. It became quite clear to Maddi and Robyn that many of their clients were suffering in relation to these invisible 'scripts', either on a physical or emotional/spiritual level, or both. Both Maddi and Robyn found themselves helping their clients "realign".

They saw a correlation and began to connect the dots. Women were either striving to meet or diverge from their invisible scripts. They were so preoccupied with these unconscious scripts; women were ignoring their Truth.

Rarely were women considering themselves or considering the possibility of writing a new script; one that came from them and belonged to them.

We're new to this process of surrender, and eager to educate ourselves so that we may all feel empowered through the ebb and flow of life. We’re excited to write new stories and create new narratives as women.

Thank you for joining us on this journey! We hope that you will offer up your stories, your experience and your expertise in this collaborative force.

We're excited to see Ebb + Flow evolve; for women, by women!

Forever in the Ebb + Flow of Life,

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