Mindful Mama Feature: Sonia

January 20, 2017

Name: Sonia Cacciacarro

Location: Richmond Hill, ON Canada


Numbers of Kids: 3; 13 year-old boy, 10 year-old boy and 8 year-old girl

What is your morning and/or nightly routine?


My morning routine consists of preparing the kids lunches and helping them with breakfast and facilitating teeth brushing!!! After drop off is when I enjoy my coffee and a some quiet time for myself. My nightly routine has pretty much gone out the window now that my kids are older. By the time they are in bed, I am too! In fact, at times I’m in bed before them! My ideal evening is allowing myself some “mindless” T.V…

Life before kids was filled with...


A lot more ME time. My focus was on my physical health which was a lot of exercise and eating healthy. Our perfect date night was dinner and a movie. 

Life with kids is now filled with...


Life with kids is now filled with a lot of focus on THEM and less on myself. School drop offs, pick ups, play dates, extra curricular activities, orthodontist appointments, therapy appointments etc Having said that, I have learned the importance of self care and do more for myself now than when they were younger. I surrendered to the fact that the time now is shared amongst my husband, 3 children, myself and my parents whom are a big part of my life. This is often hard to balance, and is a work in progress.

Do you have any daily rituals you use to center yourself?


Hmmmm, I’m embarrassed to say but my morning coffee is currently my daily ritual! 

How do you (or NOT!) balance motherhood and a career/personal time/relationships etc.?


I feel that I am able to balance all things in my life at the moment because I have a super supportive husband. Not to say I couldn't manage otherwise, however he has been my saving grace! When I’m not with the kids or working, I love time with my girlfriends, or dates with my husband. Self care used to be more about my physical exercise routine, and although that’s super important and I need to do more of that these days, more recently self care has been on my mental health. This is through psychotherapy, being more mindful and learning about meditation. 

Do you have any special family rituals?


Family rituals are family game night, or movie night. Of course it must include chips! Although we don’t do this regularly, family meetings have become much more frequent in our home. 

What is the best advice you have ever given or received about motherhood?


The best advice I have ever received about motherhood is to not sweat the small stuff! My advice is to care less about what others think and to have self compassion, you have the hardest job in the world! 

Your greatest joy since becoming a mother?

My greatest joy has been the realization that although motherhood is extremely challenging, it is also the most fulfilling.


Your greatest challenge since becoming a mother?

My greatest challenge has been letting go of control and accepting things the way they are, no matter what.

Motherhood has taught me...


Motherhood has taught me about myself. It has been the catalyst to living a conscious life and allows me to continue on my path of spiritual growth and self love. 

What’s the one thing you wish people knew about you outside of motherhood?


Outside of motherhood I am just as loving, caring and generous to others.


What inspires you?

My children inspire me. My desire to grow and evolve inspires me. My care for others inspires me. My authenticity inspires me. 


What is your favourite part of motherhood?

My favourite part of motherhood is the daily hugs, kisses and cuddles!


What have you learned about yourself or what have you tapped into since becoming a Mother? 


Becoming a mom was the catalyst for my awakening to self awareness . I have learned that NOTHING is in my control, and that the only thing in my power is how I react or handle things.


What do you wish you heard more from other women? 


I wish that woman would be more transparent and speak openly about their struggles, this gives others permission to do the same and makes it easier for us to support one another.




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