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Welcome!  I am so glad you're here. 

My practice is a pelvic health + orthopedic (full body) physiotherapy space, primarily for people that have a vagina.

I am adamant about taking a holistic and trauma-informed approach to our care.  With every appointment you can expect that we will be considering the impacts that our body, mind, and spirit have on the way you feel, move, and interact.

I feel very strongly that you are powerful and resilient.  My goal is to help YOU to help yourself.  I want to empower you to understand your physiology.  I want to give you the space to safely explore, to be curious, and to learn more about yourself. 

I approach our interactions with a trauma-informed lens.  I am aware that trauma looks different to each person and I strive to interact with curiousity, not judgement. Our nervous systems are wired to help us survive.  These responses are meant to keep us safe, not to betray us.  This is something that I am happy to help you understand and integrate into your body, mind, and spirit, throughout your daily life.

Whether you're here for help with persistent or chronic pain, pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, preparation for birth and labour, breast pain and latch support, stress management, or recovery post-partum (just to name a few), I look forward to sharing space with you soon!


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