Hello! I’m Jenny Telfer-Crum and I am a Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapist (aka Pelvic Physio). This means I have regular Physiotherapy training (ie looking at pain and movement patterns through the neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees etc), but have also taken extra courses to be able to assess and treat the Pelvic Floor muscles. My goal is to educate and empower women so that they can be comfortable and confident regarding their pelvic (and general!) health. There is a lot of misinformation about bladder leaking, pelvic pain and discomfort out there, so in this blog I’m going to talk about the Pelvic Floor muscles, signs that something may not be working well for you, and how Pelvic Health Physiotherapy works.

What are the Pelvic Floor muscles...

Name: Natalie MacMillan

Location: Montreal, QC, CANADA

Number of babes and age: 1 sweet girl, 6 months old

What is your morning and/or nightly routine?


MORNING: Up and at 'em around 7am, nurse, and then she has some tummy time while I have breakfast. Playtime continues until she goes down for her first nap around 9am.
EVENING: She has a bath around 8:15, followed by pj's and a final feeding. Then into her crib she goes where we read a story or two and she drifts off around 9pm.

Life before kids was filled with…

Late nights, larger glasses of wine, and a lot less routine.

Life with kids is now filled with…

Earlier bedtimes and wake ups, constant picture-taking, a new appreciation for what's important.

Do you have any daily ritual...

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We love it when the page of the calendar turns.

It's energetically making space...


What's your dream this month?

What's your intention?

What's happening for you this month?

Check out our Reflection + Intention worksheet...

Reflection is imperative. It is an act of self-care.

Recognizing what worked, what didn't, what you learned, all that you accomplished (and didn't!)

Celebrate ALL OF IT.

We need to celebrate ourselves and our journey MORE.

Happy February, Gorgeous!

Forever in the Ebb+Flow of life, 

Name: Sonia Cacciacarro

Location: Richmond Hill, ON Canada


Numbers of Kids: 3; 13 year-old boy, 10 year-old boy and 8 year-old girl

What is your morning and/or nightly routine?

My morning routine consists of preparing the kids lunches and helping them with breakfast and facilitating teeth brushing!!! After drop off is when I enjoy my coffee and a some quiet time for myself. My nightly routine has pretty much gone out the window now that my kids are older. By the time they are in bed, I am too! In fact, at times I’m in bed before them! My ideal evening is allowing myself some “mindless” T.V…

Life before kids was filled with...

A lot more ME time. My focus was on my physical health which was a lot of exercise and eating healthy. Our perfect...

The story of how Ebb+Flow came to be. Written by our Co-Founders, Maddi + Robyn.

We present to you, Ebb + Flow. 

This is a website for women, by women. It's not only a place for community and sisterhood, but also a platform where we get to write our own stories, offer new narratives and flip the script. We're getting honest. We're getting raw. We're going to pull the curtain back on taboo topics, unchartered territory and hopefully bridge the gap on all our "differences", that in truth, are what connect us all at the deepest level.

We want women to not only better understand themselves, but also better understand one another. More than anything, we want to offer this website as a place to educate, empower and evolve as women, together, as sisters....

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