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  • Robyn Synnott, PT


I don't know about you, but my experience of space has significantly changed these past few weeks. Life in a global pandemic brings big ebb + flows. I'm in a paradox of gratefulness for the space I have and a strong desire for freedom to choose a different space.

Physical distancing has meant most of us are and should be confined to our home living spaces. It can feel like a loss of freedom. So much, right now, can feel like that.

Mindfulness can be a way to still our desire to escape or to fight the situation. It might be a gentle way for you to come out of a place of numbness or shut down as our body reacts to the stress of the situation in our world.

Here are 3 mindful activities you can try, to experience more freedom with space:

1. Slow your breathing down. Begin to bring your awareness to the space between your inhale and your exhale, and the space between your exhale and your inhale. Continue this for 5 minutes, if possible. When your mind wanders, bring your attention back to the space.

2. Begin in a standing position. Slow your breath. Bring your awareness to your skin. Notice everything that it touches; your clothes, your hair, the ground. Become aware of the space your body takes up. Now, gently and lightly, run your hands over your body; your face, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, legs, feet, arms, and hands. This is the space that you take up. You have a right to take up this space. Take a few more slow breaths.

3. I'm so grateful to have learned this one from @magamamas. Bring your awareness to the room around you. Move your head and neck to look up and all around you. Notice 3 specific things in great detail - their smell, shape, sound, colour, and dimensions. Then bring your awareness inside your body and notice 3 specific sensations. Alternate between outside and inside until you feel you've come back to the present moment in your space. Take a few more slow breaths.

I write this as much for you, as for me. As @glennondoyle says, "we can do hard things". May your space be safe. And may you stay safely in your space.


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