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  • Robyn Synnott, PT


Whew. Does anyone else feel like their life as they knew it is being deconstructed?!?

At least we're in this together. We are certainly not alone. Well I mean, I hope we are relatively and safely, physically alone. But, not alone in experiencing this 😉

Metamorphosis is, in itself, a destructive process. This is a favourite quote of mine and I can't figure out who said it. Since things are breaking down anyway, maybe this is our chance to take stock of what works and what doesn't in our lives, so that we can eventually build our lives back up in a way that suits us. A way that brings more balance. Maybe a way that listens to our gut instincts instead of logic, or cultural norms, or what life 'should' look like.

I'm certainly finding this experience is shining a light on what's most important and also some of the ways our culture really wasn't and isn't working well or fairly. Maybe this is our metamorphosis. My hope is that this is our cocoon phase (#stayhome) and we will emerge from this in a new and hopefully beautiful way as humans and as a community together.

P.S. did you know coccooning means to envelope or surround in a comforting protective way? I am trying to think of that term for what we're doing when we stay home ❤️ Comforting and protecting ourselves and our loved ones.


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