Jenny Telfer-Crum

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

**At this time, Jenny is only taking appointments with her current clients and any clients, new or old, that need a pessary fitting or follow-up. If you are a new client to Ebb + Flow Wellness, please book with Robyn**

Hello, I’m Jenny, thanks for visiting our site!

My passion is helping women to better understand and reconnect with their bodies to help address their pelvic health concerns through education and exercise. Women’s pelvic health has, unfortunately, been considered a taboo topic and has historically been overlooked in health education, our medical system, and our culture as a whole.  This means that concerns about bladder leaking, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual pain or pelvic/low back pain that have been overlooked or considered “normal” with aging or after having children. Through my role as a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, I have the privilege of working with women to identify and talk about these issues, as well as review how to address them through a multifaceted, holistic health approach. This approach includes physiotherapy assessment and treatment (internal assessment of the pelvic floor muscles available, as well as soft tissue release techniques internally and externally), as well as addressing other contributing factors as such health history, stress, sleep, relationships, exercise and nutrition. Through Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, my goal is to help you feel great - physically and emotionally – so that you can exercise without leaking, enjoy pain-free sex, and resume your preferred activities feeling supported, comfortable and confident. 


As a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, I have traditional physiotherapy training regarding treatment of pain and injury (ie back pain), as well as extensive additional training regarding Pelvic Health concerns including:

- urinary incontinence 

- pelvic organ prolapse and pessary fittings

- pelvic pain through the low back, sacroiliac joint (SIJ), pubic symphysis, tailbone, hips, sciatica 

- sexual pain including pain at the vulva (vulvodynia or vaginismus) and with penetration (dyspareunia) 

- pregnancy pain, exercise and birth preparation 

- post partum pain, exercise and diastasis rectus concerns 

- changes related to menopause in general and pelvic health

- painful bladder or bowel concerns 

- returning to exercise or fitness with underlying pelvic health concerns 


 I have always had an interest in women’s health and wellness concerns, including fitness, pain management, stress reduction and sexuality, and I integrate all these topics into my biopsychosocial approach with clients.  My philosophy is to help your body help itself through education, exercise and empowerment, and I am thrilled to work with Robyn to provide this service to women in the Burlington community and surrounding area.


Outside of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, I enjoy singing, dancing, being outdoors and doing various forms of fitness including CrossFit.


Speaking of CrossFit, I have mentored with Antony Lo, a Physiotherapist from Austrailia who specializes in CrossFit performance (ie with Games athletes and us regular folk), pain management and women's health (together or separately!). This experience, in combination with my holistic health approach to pain and recovery, gives me a different perspective to rehab and performance which may be different than other coaches or PTs. I'm happy to help you to address new injuries, manage old nagging pains or work towards better performance - inside and/or outside the pelvis.


  • Bachelors of Science – Human Kinetics – University of Guelph

  • Masters of Science – Physiotherapy – McMaster University

  • Advanced Pelvic Health Physiotherapy courses through Pelvic Health Solutions – full link here:

  • Teaching Assistant – The Female Athlete - Antony Lo “The Physio Detective

  • Lab Assistant – Various courses – Pelvic Health Solutions

  • Rostered to perform internal pelvic exams through the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

  • Member of the Women’s Health Division with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

  • Advanced Fitness Training - Optimizing the Athlete 2019 - Antony Lo PT and Connor Lynch

If you are a Physiotherapist or Trainer/Manager referring a client or interested in setting up a Pelvic Health in-service, or if you just have specific questions for Jenny, please email her directly at

Investment for services: 

Follow-up Appointment (30 min) - $90.00

35 week Prenatal Appointment (45 min) - $125.00

4-6 weeks Postpartum Appointment (45 min) - $125.00

Initial Assessment and Pessary Fitting (90 min) - $185.00

Pessary Fitting (60 min) - $160.00

Pessary Follow-up (30 min) - $90.00

++Cash, cheque, credit, and e-transfer payments are accepted. Unfortunately, we do not accept debit cards.

Physiotherapy treatments here are not covered by OHIP, but most private insurance companies cover physiotherapy as part of their extended health care plans.