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  • Robyn Synnott, PT


Happy Valentine's Day!!! Maybe today (and ideally more than just that) can be a day that we show ourselves love and kindness.

When we are in pain or our bodies and minds are not doing the things we want them to, it is so common for us to speak and think pretty mean things about them. Does this help? Or does it worsen our discomfort? Dr. Kristin Neff has done a lot of research on self compassion (check out her research here: When compared with self-esteem, it results in greater emotional resiliency, more accurate self-concepts, more caring relationship behaviour, and less reactive anger. It's a powerful motivator.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, in pain, or experiencing some negative self-talk or self-failure, try this self-compassion break:

1. Acknowledge that you're in a moment if suffering. This is tough.

2. Remember that suffering is a part of life. You are not alone. We all suffer. I love how Shelly Prosko

put it: "Oh how human of me!"

3. May you be kind to yourself. What would you say or do for a loved one in the same situation? What words might you say? What kind words or touch can you offer yourself? Sending you all love xo #selfcompassion #selfcompassionbreak #polyvagaltheory #persistentpain #chronicpain #pelvichealth #pelvicfloorphysiotherapy #pelvicpain #pregnancy #fertility #stress #kindness #valentinesday #selfcare #pelvichealthphysiotherapy #yogatherapy #yoga #niyamas #yogaphilosophy #burlingtonontario


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